“No matter how tough, no matter what kind of outside pressure, no matter how many bad breaks along the way, I must keep my sights on the final goal, to win, win, win -- and with more love and passion than the world has ever witnessed in any performance.”

So many things happening around the world
India wining their first match and knocking out black cats of the tournament Australia back in wining form -
US open getting more exciting -
Lots of ups and down in share market -
Apple releasing their new products -
Break after long weekend, I hope everyone is ready for more action coming weekend.

“Pressure makes diamonds.”

Open 2009 tournament has been really one of the best tournament as far as overall competition is into consideration. With new teams challenging the potential of top teams, records being broken every week and every team is on their toe to be in the competition. In fact no team is sure whether they are in top 8 spot or not. Doors are open for all.

After lot of close matches in Round 2 Match one, here are the teams who will battle for their chances to be in top 8 while loosing team will be definitely out of the race.

Acers vs Strikers (3-0)
Acer though have 100% winning record, but they have been out of form in this tournament lately. Stikers on other hand are at topmost form and would like to repeat their wining performance just like finals of KO at JH1. Strikers have lost only once at JH1 while Acers have lost twice. So its anybody's game. I would love to see this match. Any guess what will be the score if both team plays to their full potential.

Kasturi Pade vs Star cc (3-2)
Though wining ratio in favor of Kasturi Pade this game is not going to be so easy. This tournament Star cc had been really doing good till the last match. But rightly said cricket is funny game. Chetan and Kurlmil from Kasturi Pade will be men to be checked out, while Star cc they have various star under the checking radar as every match some new talent or player comes ahead and win them a match. Both teams had been in TCA for long time so they know each others game really well. Past history on JH2 for both these teams have been bad with most of them

Beamers vs Cheenai Veerans (0-0)
These teams have not played with each other. So its going to be a surprise package for both the teams. Seeing the Past record we have something interesting here : Cheenai Veerans wins the Toss and like batting first plus they have most of their matches by batting first, so they have good bowling attack. Beamers on other hand seems to be more like batting team as they have made good score batting first and chased down couple of matches batting second. In short you can say its going to be Bating vs Bowling.

While for some teams its must win to be in competition
Bhola XI and Centurions, its must win for them after loosing their first match in Round 2

Thunderbolt vs Lethal CC
Lethal CC are new to the TCA so not much history behind them, so they can be unpredictable. To join most competitive tournament in Bayarea, itself s proof that they are ready for any big competition. On the other hand Thuderbolt is hungry for runs and win.

Must win game for:
Mustang vs Sloggers
Mavericks vs Panthers
Sat cc vs Nexus
Royal XI vs Sharks

1. Chuma TP chasing one of the highest total in TCA history 138/4 in just 19 overs at JH1. They proved that on JH1 any score is chase able.
2. Spanglers beat Centurions comfortably
3. Rangers beat Acers convincingly
4. MCC strikes out Strikers
5. Packers packed up Bhola XI for 16 in one of the lowest score in Open 2009.
6. 11 Teams scoring 100+ runs in the innings.
7. Try new features on website and explore the stats.